Budding Journalists at Space of Her Own

March 28, 2023: When Space of Her Own (SOHO) asked us to help the girls create their magazine, how could we resist? SOHO puts out a pretty, sparkly magazine twice a year, written by their 12-year-old girls. I love getting it in the mail! It’s big and full of pictures and full of stories written by the girls about their adventures. Through SOHO these girls learn everything from ice skating to carpentry, and end the school year by, with the help of their mentor, decorating their bedroom. They have a space of their own!

Writing for a magazine takes focus and practice, and that’s where Heard came in. And we brought in our A Team – Phallon Perry, who has published several children’s books and knows exactly how to work with these cute preteens.

Etiquette for All!

March 27, 2023: Everyone, and we mean everyone, can benefit from learning etiquette. It’s about being polite and respectful, as our etiquette expert Fannie Allen reminds me. As the founder of The Allen Protocol & Leadership Institute, Fannie walks the walk. Because of her I’ve replaced “hi” with “good morning” and “good afternoon” in my emails, and dare not let her see me in jeans.

And protocol is about kindness. And when Fannie showed up to her 4-week class at Friends of Guest House with a swag bag for the women, full of pretty toiletries and goodies, she once again showed us how it’s done. Mic drop.

Whether it’s social etiquette with Friends of Guest House or table manners with the girls of Space of Her Own, whoever takes Fannie’s class sits a little straighter, stands a little taller, and always puts her best foot forward.

Mind Your Manners!

Don’t you love when the student is the teacher? We had so much fun with Space of Her Own, a local nonprofit exclusively created to support fifth grade girls. Over the course of a few weeks in February and March 2022, the girls learned that good manners can make a difference! They may help her land that job one day, or make a great first impression. We ended our series with lessons on table manners, and Space of Her Own was amazing enough to provide a fabulous dinner of chicken, warm potato salad, veggies, and cake.

Before dinner the girls reviewed what they learned. Yes, they had practiced setting the table at home (to the delight of some very happy parents) and even taught their mentors a thing or two. (Fork tines down, not up, when you are finished). Huge shoutout to our etiquette teacher, Fannie Allen, of The Allen Protocol and Leadership Institute, for showing these girls these critical life skills.

July 2021 Newsletter

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She-Art with Space of Her Own

Wednesday, July 1, was an exciting day, and not just because it is July! We held our first event with the Alexandria nonprofit Space of Her Own – a wonderful mentoring program for preteen girls. What better way to kickstart our new relationship than our She-Art project? We got to know each other over Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap (one of my fave Alexandria pizza places, btw) then our amazing Alison McHugh led 12 girls and mentors through creating their own avatar with their own motivational phrase(s) on a 6″ x 6″ tile.

Over the next two hours the girls selected “She creates from her heart” “She turns her dreams into reality” “She makes everyone feel loved” and more as they focused on phrases that resonated with them while creating themselves with colored paper, scissors, glue, and imagination. We ended our session – way too soon – with everyone sharing their new masterpiece and why they chose and created what they did. Til next time, SOHO! We loved hanging out with you and can’t wait to do it again!