March 27, 2023: Everyone, and we mean everyone, can benefit from learning etiquette. It’s about being polite and respectful, as our etiquette expert Fannie Allen reminds me. As the founder of The Allen Protocol & Leadership Institute, Fannie walks the walk. Because of her I’ve replaced “hi” with “good morning” and “good afternoon” in my emails, and dare not let her see me in jeans.

And protocol is about kindness. And when Fannie showed up to her 4-week class at Friends of Guest House with a swag bag for the women, full of pretty toiletries and goodies, she once again showed us how it’s done. Mic drop.

Whether it’s social etiquette with Friends of Guest House or table manners with the girls of Space of Her Own, whoever takes Fannie’s class sits a little straighter, stands a little taller, and always puts her best foot forward.