Jane Collins of Heard (and Z-TV LIVE) to Speak at Tom Tom Foundation Summit

We love The Zebra! They are so good to us!

Alexandria, VA – Jane Collins, founder and executive director of the local nonprofit Heard, and frequent host of The Zebra’s Z-TV LIVE, will speak at the Tom Tom Foundation’s virtual summit, Cities Rising, on October 8. The event had been slated for spring 2020 before the pandemic shut it down, and it’s been reinvented as a seven-week virtual summit. Read the rest of the story here.

Update: Listen to Jane share the value of the arts in healing a community, and how she can help you start a similar organization:

Heard’s Executive Director Invited to the Tom Tom Foundation Cities Rising Summit

We always knew Heard was a change maker, and now the rest of the country will realized that too! Our executive director, Jane Collins, will talk during the Tom Tom Foundation’s virtual Cities Rising Summit on October 8 as part of a session entitled Yes, Community Arts Are Essential: Let’s lift up our creative neighbors. Jane will share how Heard has been a vehicle for community integration, especially for those marginalized by incarceration.

And there’s more! The Tom Tom Foundation has asked Jane to roll out her model of local artists/local funds/local needs, which of course, she is thrilled to do and has wanted to do for a long, long while. So yes, we are ready to launch! And thank you to CBS 19 News for the mention.