“10 Questions with Stella Hanly, Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

“10 Questions” went out on a high with Stella Hanley, Executive Director of the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.” Animal care has been affected by COVID in unimaginable ways, and Stella and her team at the AWLA have really stepped up to it. Seriously, they have 500 volunteers? How awesome is that? And how did Stella’s childhood in northern Ireland make her the driven, empathetic executive director she is today? As always, watch our entertaining Facebook live show here and read our “5 More Questions” for a bonus.

And special, special thanks and tons of love to The Zebra for this opportunity. It was so much fun and I’m sad that it has to end. Here’s hoping that “10 Questions” truly made Alexandria a better and stronger community.

“10 Questions” with Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Superintendent, Alexandria City Public Schools

Wasn’t that a great Z-TV LIVE! show on August 12? What, you missed it? Fear not, you can view it here. Our executive director, Jane Collins, asked way more than “10 Questions” with Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, the Superintendent, Alexandria City Public Schools. First, we’re impressed that he made time to be on this The Zebra show, given how crazy busy he is preparing for the “Virtual Plus” school year. Yikes, what a challenge for the 16,000 kids who attend school in Alexandria. We’re so glad we could learn more about him – did you know he was his high school’s prom king? Missed the show? Just click below, and then read even more surprising things about him in our “5 More Questions” follow-up.

Heard’s Executive Director Invited to the Tom Tom Foundation Cities Rising Summit

We always knew Heard was a change maker, and now the rest of the country will realized that too! Our executive director, Jane Collins, will talk during the Tom Tom Foundation’s virtual Cities Rising Summit on October 8 as part of a session entitled Yes, Community Arts Are Essential: Let’s lift up our creative neighbors. Jane will share how Heard has been a vehicle for community integration, especially for those marginalized by incarceration.

And there’s more! The Tom Tom Foundation has asked Jane to roll out her model of local artists/local funds/local needs, which of course, she is thrilled to do and has wanted to do for a long, long while. So yes, we are ready to launch! And thank you to CBS 19 News for the mention.



“10 Questions” with Helen McIlvaine, Director of Housing, City of Alexandria

With the rental protection moratorium lifted, so many Alexandrians are in danger of eviction. What is the City of Alexandria doing to help them? What is the city doing to decrease the delta between our residents who are eligible for affordable housing, and the few available? How does the City make housing affordable for young professionals and first responders? And finally, what was the baddest thing that Helen McIlvaine, Director of Housing, City of Alexandria, ever did, or at least what she’ll admit to? Watch our Z-TV Live show below and our follow-up “5 More Questions” to find out!

“10 Questions” with Mary Lee Anderson, Executive Director, Senior Services of Alexandria

So when are you “old”? What are the signs of dementia? What is the biggest issues affecting older adults in Alexandria? And most importantly, what Hollywood hunk is the celebrity crush of Mary Lee Anderson, executive director of Senior Services of Alexandria? Find out that and more when our executive director, Jane Hess Collins, interviews Mary Lee in The Zebra’s “10 Questions” Z-TV Live! Show and her “5 More Questions” follow up!