Welcome to Heard’s Visual Arts gallery. In these posts you’ll find images of our client’s original art. Enjoy!

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Who is your Puppet Avatar?

Happy new year everyone! Heard held its last class of 2020 at Friends of Guest House yesterday. Sharmila asked the women to create two puppets – one of the person who has had the most positive influence on you, and one of yourself. If you shared what you created, you were asked to share three interesting facts about you through your puppet.

Meet Crystal. She loves to work with hair, to sew, and to read. The puppet on the right is her mom. She always encouraged Crystal to think about people who had it worse than her and then she would always feel how blessed she truly was.

The puppet in Meet Tonya. Don’t you love her pink hair? To the right of Tonya’s puppet of herself is an unnamed family member who always stood by her and never gave up on her. This family member may have been a bit disappointed with her when she got in trouble but never stopped loving her.

This last puppet is of Sharmila’s brother who she credits as her role model and hero, and who introduced her to reading, music and strong values. Sharmila said that he has been extremely supportive of her in every step of her life, and she would not be the same [amazing] person if she did not have him in her life.

As you start 2021, who is your puppet avatar?

More Cups of Life!

Our “Four Cups of Life” virtual arts class with Friends of Guest House was such a hit that we brought it to Doorways, an Arlington nonprofit that offers support, shelter, and services for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, a few days later. Still powerful, still strong!

Four Cups of Life

It’s so nice to be able to post some photos from our Heard classes again, even if they were taken from a screen. In this “Four Cups of Life” virtual arts class, Sharmila asked the residents of Friends of Guest House to let go of any negative words swirling inside of them – to visually pour out what no longer serves them, and then pour in positive words in replacement. A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? What do you think?

Rainbow Bird

Love this story about “Rainbow Bird” created by one of our Friends of Guest House clients!

All of the birds were mean to Rainbow Bird, but Rainbow Bird was kind and helped them when they needed food. We can all learn from this very short story.

Wiser Me Mandalas, March 2020, Arlington County Detention Center

What do you want your life to look like? Visualizing is such a first critical step, and our clients in the Community Readiness Unit (those getting ready for release) at the Arlington County Detention Facility put such incredible thought and vision into their mandalas. We just had to share a few with you.

Puppet Time!

We asked the clients in the City of Alexandria’s Residential Treatment Center to make puppets or other tokens of the most positive, influential person in their life. Let the creativity begin!

Meet Mr. Green Bean, a messiah and advises people

Some lucky woman will receive this handmade necklace from her boyfriend. She has always has stayed with him and makes him want to be a better person

This woman was missing how crafty she used to be and has plans to creating soon.






So Much Gratitude!

Our Friends of Guest House clients made their personal gratitude buckets for Thanksgiving – with 221 thank you’s!

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