“It is a Phenomenal Program”

“…it is a phenomenal program.” Why, they’re talking about us! The best testament to the power and positive impact of our work is when our program partners praise us. It makes our day. Here, Friends of Guest House executive director Kari Galloway mentions Heard’s work as part of how they are keeping their residents safe and sane in a feature posted in the Alexandria Gazette Packet.  Thank you Kari! You are the best and we love working with you!

Heard Arts Program Brings Creative Expression to Marginalized Individuals

What a fabulous surprise to read this story from the City of Alexandria eNews

Expressing oneself through art can be both a freeing and insightful experience, and clinicians and therapists often use art as a treatment option in their support of individuals facing a range of challenges, including mental health and substance use disorders. This fall, the Alexandria Residential Treatment Center (ARTC) partnered with Heard, a local nonprofit, to offer art workshops for individuals in recovery. (more…)