Hunter, Carly, Stephanie, Megan, Kelly, Heather, Friends of Guest House, July 23, 2020

May you never

                let anyone dull your light.

May your mind be at ease

                Clear from distractions that used to ground you.

May you allow yourself to humble.

May you listen to your longing

                And fight to give yourself what you covet.

May you know that Love is alive in you.



Chris, Carly, Hunter, Betsy, Stephanie, and Michelle, Friends of Guest House, July 9, 2020

Be inspired

                by the flame

but set your own fires.

The path that I have chosen

                could be the answer.

I am far from over.

My future holds no bounds.

The small things seem large.

Having faith

                is what gives me life.

today I am stronger,

                Smarter, a survivor.

Happy Hour

Our might Heard team had a virtual happy hour last week, and our poet Wendi led us through a group poem. What fun it was, and what a great way to connect. And of course, we all think it’s brilliant!


By Jane, Solveig, Alexa, Danielle, Nina, Sharmila and Wendi

Looks like a brown polar bear.

I want to binge watch

Sex and the City.

My golden retriever says

“enjoy your coffee.”

The dead-glass clock,

a sweet souvenir.

Through books I transport

to unknown places.

This laptop is full

of my great ideas.

The lamp lights the way.

Divine Light

Divine Light

Aimee Treakle, Friends of Guest House, May 28, 2020

I stare at her reflection.

Caught in the spark of spirit twinkling in her eyes.

The skin sags, the smile twists, but the eyes… The eyes shine with the soul within.

Windows to an innocent heart.

My very own piece of divine light.



Aimee Treakle, Friends of Guest House, May 28, 2020

Dreams, fantasies dancing in the dark.

Puzzles piecing together in my consciousness.

Bitter memories flowing into sweet lessons.

Building blocks for a sounder morning.

Dark past translating into tomorrow’s take to be told.

full circle

full circle

Chazcie Heflin, Friends of Guest House, May 28, 2020

i have fear

can i be normal

i have fear

can i change my way of life

i have fear

can i change my thinking

i have fear

can i stand TALL

i have fear

can i be a good mom

i have fear

of the unknown

i have fear

can they be better than me

i have fear all the time

but as i wake

the sun comes in

my heart slows

as the fears slip away

my heart fills with hope

i become stronger everyday

                                -Chazcie Heflin