LOST part 2

The many directions “lost” can take you, from another Friends of Guest House resident. So many of the adults we work with are grateful to be heard.


“I’m lost. No one will find me. I’m scared and lonely.”

Poetry is so powerful. And so real. From Friends of Guest House

A Place Called the PJs

Three things we love Anna Thomas’s poem “A Place Called the PJs”:

Her shy, adorable smile

Fried chicken, Lima beans, and cornbread

Burping through your nose

Listen for yourself:

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Heard Arts Program Brings Creative Expression to Marginalized Individuals

What a fabulous surprise to read this story from the City of Alexandria eNews

Expressing oneself through art can be both a freeing and insightful experience, and clinicians and therapists often use art as a treatment option in their support of individuals facing a range of challenges, including mental health and substance use disorders. This fall, the Alexandria Residential Treatment Center (ARTC) partnered with Heard, a local nonprofit, to offer art workshops for individuals in recovery. (more…)