Tears to God – Alexandria Detention Center Writing Contest August 2019

Tears to God
Terri M.

Heard/Alexandria Detention Center writing contest, August, 2019

The tears coming down my face,
only to go drip drop to the floor
Nobody to wipe the tears away,
and nobody to comfort a hurt soul
As I look to God for comfort,
praying for my pain to ease
Crying out the deeply cause,
for only God to hear
Ready for God to take control,
to give me inner peace
In a place I never wanted to be,
now only to see the blessings
Take away the wrongs in my life,
as I repent my sins to Jesus
Let my heart be open to you Lord,
for your unconditional love
As I cry these tears Lord,
only in my Fathers presence
Only to have the Holy Spirit,
stop these free-flowing tears
Finally replacing them with,
the greatest gift He can give
Receiving the inner peace I longed for,
and the salvation of everlasting life
Never ashamed or scared to call on God,
for any wants, needs, or even repentance
For His unconditional love on earth,
is all I need to survive!