My Beautiful Misery

My Beautiful Misery

Marcos P.

Heard/Alexandria Detention Center writing contest, August, 2019

Its anguish, and painful sorrow flowing through

my blood stream.

Every time she leave the visitation swear my soul


You ever see a rose bloom in a dark crease

thats me when my baby say she love me.

Her eyes tell me what she feel when her spirit is


Cry to me and tell me all your issues I’m at your


My smile is a curtain cause I can’t leave

her burden worrying about the worthless jailbird

in a caged nest.

Hyperventilating, my chest cave’s in

When I’m all alone in my cell

I miss her soft lips kisses taste like daises.

on the phone with her, the passion in her

make me laugh and giggle said its one minute

left now I wanna cry a river.

Your the word real in its purest form.

No human I know is authentic the way you counsel.

You were the damsel in distress and I’m the hero

who flew and caught you, without a parrachute

Cause when I seen that brilliant smile almost

went blind and I almost dropped you.

Your feet touch the ground at your residence.

Already I’m thinking backwards how the angels sent you

or they threw you out heaven window and

I came to rescue.

You hear the pain I expose when I vent to you

Pretty young thing make my feelings turn the color blue

Relaxation, wasn’t regulations, just recreation

when I chilled with you.

Them suckas still hating cause I’m ugly and

your beautiful

No Dej loaf you my sainity a halo.

When prison walls constricted on me,

you was my, devilish angel

I’m a connoisseur of her parts she’s my

noah’s ark.

Battling wars were back to back brawling

If I slip, in a deep pit, who you think will be,

right there to save me her, hands and knees


My women is a gorgeous thing God’s

sacred gift.

I wouldn’t want to wake up if shawty did

not exist

If we die and disappear I hope our souls

both lift, Look boo

I’ll by lying if I said I didn’t love you.

Trying to get you out my head but I can’t hide

the truth.

Words got qouted we done spoke it X & O’s we use

X & O letters written X & O sweet lyrics,

I’m lost for words can’t let her know

Cause this what happens when you let a hitta

get to close

Or when you let me kiss your body head to

your toes

You done gave me the key and I unlocked the door

I love the way you stare at me peircing my soul.

We intertwine like margaritas you my aquafina

would call you mammacita but you more a classic chicka

Who ever lost you is deppressed cause your more

than a keeper.

I pray for you before I rest I hope I never leave

you.  Money don’t intrigue you.  You see between

the evil without you I catch a fever

You my blue sky to a cloudy day

or the sunshine when the rain fades.

No matter what they talking about don’t ever go away.

Cause I get in my feelings when you walk away.

Don’t leave me like a stranger

I know that time can change you

I threw away my banger to get your heart stuck in tangles

Every time I think about you a star blows up

I know you feel the same about me, don’t betray

my trust.