You’re Hired!

December 20, 2022, Friends of Guest House – Nothing sounds sweeter to a job applicant than “You’re hired!” And today we helped our Friends of Guest House residents get that much closer to hearing those magic words. Our Heard etiquette instructor, Fannie Allen of the Allen Protocol & Leadership Institute, spent weeks teaching them the tips and tricks to land that job. I was asked to serve as a volunteer interviewer that day and evaluate these strong, determined women on their interview skills – their greeting, presence, dress, confidence, etc. As always, I was completely blown away by their unique combination of grit and engaging personality. I would have hired every one of them, and I hope potential employers do as well!

Writing with Maisie

We’re always up for something new, and this time we took on creative writing for our “Fun Fridays” program with the kids at Casa Chirilagua. Our Solveig Eggerz took on the challenge of creating and sharing a story for 24 kids (grades 1-3 for 40 minutes, then grades 4-5 for 40 minutes). Ever the (many times published) writer, Solveig created “Maisie the Frog” based on the Grimms’ Fairy Tales “The Three Feathers.” The kids listened, discussed, acted, shared, and ultimately wrote about Maisie in their Heard notebooks. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Who is your Superhero?

Who is your Super Hero? Wonder Woman? Batman? Or, as we did with the women at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, VA, we made our own. Our super heroes have magic in them that help us and help the world. Take a look at what creative and healing superheroes the inmates created under the guidance of our amazing Heard teacher Sharmila Karamchandani. Don’t you wish these superheroes really existed?
This creature has a calming face and body of strength. The red fingertips have healing quality. She comes into your life to make you realize your own beauty.
Meet the Pain Relieving Octopus! It has healing tentacles. Wherever you have pain the tentacles can heal you upon touch.