The Crowd

Casual Republicans or Walking Democrats

by Bullard

Poetry, Arlington County Detention Facility/Heard/OAR writing contest, August 2022


1). Are those

I suppose

that chose

to just do it like Nike

weather it be

walking to work


ride’n a bike

2). There efforts in all actualality

seem not to contribute

to the clear-air polute

during the a.m.

rush-hour commute

3). Whereas in some cities

the smog

can be as thick as a fog

but that still doesn’t hinder one

from going on a jog

4). While others are too busy trying

to blog

5). Unlimited talk and text is the best way

to describe the vibe….

when it comes to a 5G user

and a wi-fi abuser

6. That’s Starbucks talk for

hi-speed internet

that’ll provoke one to quickly

grab a seat

in an environment that is neat

7. WOW!!

8. Now it looks like today’s workday

is well on it’s way

9. Even if the clouds in the sky

looks to be in 50 shades of gray.