“Wind”ing into 2022!

We promise that this is the worst (but sadly, probably not the last) bad pun. But we couldn’t help ourselves, since our art teacher Sharmila cleverly decided to have the Casa Chirilagua kiddies make windmills to encourage sustainable energy on our Fun Friday date. Using everyday materials like paper cups, glue, and popsicle sticks (and a glue gun, which no crafter should be without) the kids had a lot of fun putting these together. One little girl greeted Sharmila with, “I love when you come here! You always have new things for us to do!”


Finally Letting Go

By Tyresha Brand

Friends of Guest House, Spoken Word class, January 12, 2022

When I close my eyes at night

I dream of letting go of the pain

I dream of letting go of the hurt

I dream of letting go of the shame


Like mini movies across my mind

I see my life as it was

constant trials & tribulations

yearning for a simple hug


I see myself as a speck,

merely existing in this world

asking why these things are happening to me

for I am only a little girl


then to movie fast forwards to the present

and I see the woman I have become

and I can hold my head up and smile

because satan you haven’t won


now my visions are visions

of prosperity, happiness, and success

and I can give my past a proper funeral

and lay it all to rest


cause i’ve grown and i’ve blossomed

and i’ve finally made it through

and i’ve learned a few lessons along the way

like to thy own self be true


now those dreams have turned into reality

and I can finally let go

of the hurt, the shame, and the pain

with plenty of room to grow


I refuse to allow my past to make me bitter

or let it define me

cause my past is just that, my past

and I am finally free.