By Tyresha Brand

Friends of Guest House, Spoken Word class, January 12, 2022

When I close my eyes at night

I dream of letting go of the pain

I dream of letting go of the hurt

I dream of letting go of the shame


Like mini movies across my mind

I see my life as it was

constant trials & tribulations

yearning for a simple hug


I see myself as a speck,

merely existing in this world

asking why these things are happening to me

for I am only a little girl


then to movie fast forwards to the present

and I see the woman I have become

and I can hold my head up and smile

because satan you haven’t won


now my visions are visions

of prosperity, happiness, and success

and I can give my past a proper funeral

and lay it all to rest


cause i’ve grown and i’ve blossomed

and i’ve finally made it through

and i’ve learned a few lessons along the way

like to thy own self be true


now those dreams have turned into reality

and I can finally let go

of the hurt, the shame, and the pain

with plenty of room to grow


I refuse to allow my past to make me bitter

or let it define me

cause my past is just that, my past

and I am finally free.