by Demetrius Spencer-Coates 

Poetry, Heard/Arlington County Detention Facility/OAR writing contest, August 2021

They weren’t thugs when the stripped us from our land

and made us eat from there hand

They weren’t thugs when they took my father

and beat him right in front of his fam

They sprayed us for marching with Martin

Targeted Malcolm

Told us we couldn’t drink from there fountain

Burned our houses.

Hung our Ancestors.

Where was our justice?

Where was our justice when we were riding for freedom.

Where is our justice for all the black lies lost at the hands of police.

But they call us thugs.

Because we sag our pants

Got tatts on our face and hands

Sell drugs to feed our fam

Stand outside late night after street lights

Drive cars with tinted windows and get into street fights

Come from low income families were its hard to sleep at night,

Because of roaches, rats, killers, and street mice

So it ain’t our fault if we get discouraged

That ain’t a reason for them to want our race to perish

Because we was born to flourish.

Because you all took our ancestors and brought them here,

Instilled fear in there minds that would last for centuries and be passed through genes.

Do your research these thugs manipulated and brain washed us

Then called us thugs for what we could not control.

So tell me

Who are the real thugs?

Part 2 coming soon on the brainwashing techniques and the Government.

The End

Let my words free your mind.