by Bianca Jones 

Third place, Poetry, Heard/Arlington County Detention Facility/OAR writing contest, August 2021

I been through so much

Trying to be grown, and make up time of being alone

Having a child at 17, when I barely know whats in between

Trying to fit in, trying to be perfect

But was afraid to ask God am I worth it

18 back in forth to jail

I felt like my life was nothing but Hell

19 I was out in about trying to figure things out

People, Family the ones I thought was my friends

Was quick to judge but yet commit the same sins

Everyone thinking they are better than me

Because of my skin or due to them having a degree

22. I stepped to the late, doing what best before its to late

2 young sons, I had to do what I could to maintain my funds

People would laugh, people would joke

but I could care less I had to much hope

Everyday I did what I did

by 25 I was on my 3rd kid

It was never a struggle after 25,

I did what I could to keep me and my kids alive

26 back in jail,

I felt like my life was meant for me to fail

A year later, my life got straighter

finishing college, gaining more knowledge

keeping my life together making it solid

Jail has taught me a lesson

that to always count your blessings

take advantage of the things you have

God will never let the devil in your path

Now I look at life, in talk with a laugh

because I wouldn’t be great if it wasn’t for my past

A brighter smile,

A brighter me

My 3 sons made the best of me

Now I’m stronger

Now I’m wiser

I have always been a fighter

I missed some shots, but caught my rebound

And Guess what…