I don’t know who had more fun this week  – our artist art, or the kids at Casa Chirilagua. Once again Sharmila asked the kids (4th, 5th, and 6th graders) to create their superhero with special superpowers that the world needs. And as always, the most important part of our work is the voluntary sharing the last 20 minutes of the class. Who is your superhero? What are its superpowers? Why? Even the volunteers got into the act and as Sharmila said on her Facebook page: “There are a lot of healthy social skills that can develop when kids feel safe and free to engage with older adult/mentors during such creative endeavors.” Check out these world-saving creations!

This superhero can instantly teach you any kind of music or any musical instrument instantly.

A robot who looks mean but actually is very nice and cares for his family. His hands shoot stones and laser so he can protect his loved ones.

A super hero that saves people from hurricanes and calamities.

Meet Forest Man and Plant Dog. They keep planting and guarding trees so our earth always remains green.

A superhero that has magic powers in his hands. He has bionic eyes with laser sharp focus and can zap you.

Delicate girl made with floral petals. She is gentle and kind.

They both created the sunflower sisters and their superpowers are camouflaging and tele-transporting and also distracting people.

A super hero that just wants to go hug people and spread love.