The Unknown

Jumiya Arleen Crump

Heard/Arlington County Detention Facility writing contest, August 2019

My insecurities got me stressed

because in certain areas I wasn’t blessed.

Stuck wondering why me and how I got caught up in such a mess.

He loves me, He loves me I keep telling myself

yes, yes oh yes.

Yet his actions speak loudly

if only he would verbalize his feelings to eliminate my distress.

Why so cruel?

Why ever so rude?

What did I do? Why me?

Why did you make me the fool?

Beautiful Beautiful Blessing are those words no longer true.

My eyes are closed

kiss my forehead, take away the pain

please don’t leave me stained.

You hurt me, I hurt you,

I hurt you, you hurt me.

I thought those days were over finished through.

IF I’m dreamin please wake me

please wake me

cause I know I have to be mistaken

or no longer sober.

I fought for you, you fought for me,

we fought each other only to discover that you love me,

and I love you, we love we, so why can’t we be?

Do you no longer love we?

Do you no longer love me?

Answer me

I’m pleading with you and I only want what’s true.

Don’t leave me hanging like I’m a sudden stranger.

See my anger had me hostile

my true feelings had me feeling like a child.

I didn’t know how to be that statue and stand proud.

So I took it way back to love taps,

for lack of a better way to express my true thoughts.

Now today I’m sad and stuck wondering how?

Why me?

Don’t you love me?

I hope you didn’t add a she to replace little ole me,

and if so you and she could never be we.

With all sincerity I hope you’re happy

just please don’t forget to love me.