No Place Like Home

Jumiya Arleen Crump

Heard/Arlington County Detention Facility writing contest, August 2019

I remember plenty nights all I wanted was you.

Couldn’t explain deep inside so I become a young fool.

Kicking, scratching, biting, punching

determined never to lose.

You was all I ever had the only person I knew.

You was my pride and joy

that sunshine that never fades forget the clouds and the storms.

I remember crystal clear the day the glass was broken

shattered home, shattered dreams words left unspoken.

I never knew that one event would change my life forever.

If I could do it all over, I’ll take my beatings with pleasure.

The disconnect it runs deep so steep,

my heart steel body aching,

mind racing

mixed up and confused.

Every night I close my eyes I pray I wake up home

but reality sit in everything that glitters ain’t gold.

Not saying you was right, not saying I was wrong

the underlining truth is there’s no place like home.

Praying and wishing

wishing and praying

that you rescue me from this zone.

Thoughts consumed with the evil and so much rage.

Only wanting you, for you were supposed to shelter me from the storm.

Out on my own needing protection from the cold cruel world

or did I need protection from myself?

Did I corrupt this broken little girl.