Jumiya Arleen Crump

Heard/Arlington County Detention Facility writing contest, August 2019

When it rain it pours,

often mistaken for lust with no trust.

Fearful yet so thoughtful and selfish

all in one.

Deliberate obsession unknowingly repuviate hate to the upmost

with a nearly invisible line between the two

so pure yet extremely confusing

which leads to conflicted confrontation holding on for dear life.

For it must endure.

Give and take, give and take so it’s hard to ignore

but what do you do when enough is enough

and there’s no more.

Do you continue to live a life every day asking why?

Or do you take a stand and hold his hand

because deep inside that’s your man.

Do you take the storm with the rain or continue to live in shame.

Can you place your pride to the side

cause before the paint here was trust and no lie.

To be or not to be.