Hate Dies, Love Arrives

Abdullah A.

Heard/Alexandria Detention Center writing contest, August, 2019

Happiness, What is happiness

When I smile at others,

And they smile back at me

That is happiness.

Your smile can change my mind

When anger wants to take control

It can loosen the tension I feel

Deep down in my soul.

When I smile at others

It affects the way they act

Quite often I’ll discover

That they are smiling back.

My smile sends out a message

 About the love I share today

My love gets stronger

Each and every time that I pray

My smile is contagious

When it’s spread around

My smile can lift you up

And will never let you down

My smile is like a package

As if it’s fragile

I don’t know about tactics

But I know about smiles

My smile is passed along

As I travel through time,

I can’t help to eliminate friction

But I can help your mind

Is my smile a test

I don’t know

But my smile is the best

Which I don’t have to express.

When I want to bless someone

If only for a while

I show the love within my heart

By giving them a smile.

So with all my heart I smile

Therefor love arrives

And then whom I don’t smile

The hate arrives.