Change or Remain the Same?
Anthony Campbell
Nonfiction, Heard/Arlington County Detention Center writing contest, August, 2019

Change or stay the same? Change or stay the same? To change means I have to change a lot of things about myself. Like my thinking, the way I move, people I interact with on a regular basis, places I go, and possibly my appearance! That’s a lot, then I have to think whether or not this change is for the best? Will it impact my life positively or negatively? Change has a lot of levels and steps, so am I ready to make those changes? Remaining the same seems pretty easy; it’s comfortable, it’s routine, it’s the same old me! Change will bring a new me and will my friends and family like that changed new me or the same old me and am I ready for the new me or content with being the old me?

What and how will I feel? At least I know if I remain the same all the questions about change will be put to rest! But one thing I do know about myself is I like new things so maybe change is good because it’s new, and if I like new everyone else will too because I’m not the only person who likes new things as long as they are new and improved! So do I change or remain the same? Change or remain the same? As much as I would like to remain the same old me, change seems like the direction to head in and the meanings of new and old says it all.

• New—different from (the) one in the past, strange, unfamiliar, recently grown fresh, unused, modern and recent.
• Old—having lived or existed for a long time, of aged people, of a specified age, not new, worn out by age or use, former.

Yeah its final. Change and everything new. I’m all in! Change is definitely in my and everyone’s best interest as long as it’s positive! Besides the meaning New comes before Old in the dictionary! Because the only thing that a person can’t change is their past, the future however if one does decide to change is full of possibilities!

Change Don’t Remain the Same!
Change Don’t Remain the Same!