Eric Stewart, Arlington County Detention Center

 There’s many reasons to liberate on this behalf.

There’s a percentage within me that was explained by grandma.

From genetics to attributes, hazel eyes and good hair.

Within the adults it blossoms, still there.

It’s barely noticeable, as I get older I see with flair.

Something else that caught me by surprise was the time and place of grandma’s confession.

She was precise, authentic and peaceful when she opened a book of sequel.

Had an album with pictures and names of people.

Words can’t explain how the wisdom was a sudden shock as a nineteen year old lad.

I was so used to being ignored, but her eyes told me to hold fast (sit-down).

Always knew I was a leader and the intuition was obvious.

Growing up I was head-strong, fairly conscious.

Always wanted to change a situation to make things better for my dreams.

As the middle-child being courageous is what grandma saw in me.

Being called “Curious George” because of asking a lot of questions,

I had to find out myself and I did being aggressive.

Politics and friends was a “Head on” interest with passion.

Became agitated faster.

Wanted to lead my Generation but

Snap Back to reality.

Being too young I had to settle being unhappy.

Had broken laws, But education will also hail those to follow.

Grandma’s the Blackfoot Indian and I am her apostle.