As the Mind Gets Quieter, the Intuition Gets Stronger

Victor Oben Ebai Jr., Arlington County Detention Facility

As the mind gets quieter, the intuition gets stronger. Often times throughout life we are faced with the anxieties of trying to live up to society’s futile preconceived credence ideology of our perception of success. Any desire that we have that’s in conflict with God’s desire for us requires that we change our desire. Theoretically speaking two wrongs don’t make a right but two lefts makes a right. As a result of our disobedience in God’s purpose in our lives we are forced to take two lefts to make a right as opposed to just making the right in the first place. We’ve all learned the hard way that when we abscond from God’s desire for us daunting and catastrophic occurrences takes place in our lives, forcing us to deplete lambently changing our course to where he wants us to be.

Though many life experiences may seem abstruse we must learn to grow from it and sustain our equanimity which is the evenness of mind especially under stress. Ultimately we reach a state of equipoise gaining greater simplicity and purity of equilibrium peace and tranquility thus causing our intuition to become stronger. Previously studying at Central State University and Wesley College I learned Anatomy and Physiology one, and two with the labs, human growth and development courses, psychology, sociology, and pathology which is the study of diseases along with my greater understanding of deoxyribonucleic acid better known as DNA. Also with interleukin which is any of several proteins of low molecular weight that are produced by cells of the body and regulate the immune system and immune responses.

Tying all these subjecting matters studies have proven that gaining equilibrium of peace and tranquility not only strengthens our intuition, but it also enhances our production of interleukin proteins to regulate the immune system and immune responses. Secondly our acetylcholine which is a compound that is released at nerve endings of the autonomic nervous system and is active in transmission of nerve impulses.

The determining factor for these bodily chemicals to be secreted and properly carry out its unique tasks, they must first be aerated which is to supply blood with oxygen by respiration. Studies have also proven that too much stress causes diseases and weakens our immune system. We were created in the image of God therefore we inherited God like features such as intuition which is the power or faculty of knowing things without conscious reasoning. So I challenge you to tap into your inner God and find your purpose. When we get on our knees for God, God stands up for us. As the mind gets quieter, intuition becomes stronger.