This poem by Hashim B. has received a lot of traction – and for very good reason!


By Hashim B.

Success is what I’m after,
but I’m stuck in the path of,
Darkness and Silence, only allowed to
move backwards,
And hear the demons chatter and
the devil’s laughter,
as he chants “I got you bastard”
In the land of evil, I guess I was given
life to live backwards.
How ironic because evil does spell live
Imprisoned in the realm of my conscience
where nothing matters.
I guess it’s consequence from the actions
of my feelings and thoughts Battling.
The truth hurts but anything otherwise
could be quite baffling.
Don’t bite the forbidden fruit though
The thought fruitful.
We were taught not to play in those pastures.
I don’t know what’s safer home or the
church’s chapel.
We were all born sinners but expected to
Listen to the words of a pastor.
I’m quite Baffled
I’m just a product of my environment,
but labeled as a habitual hazard that
stems from pure hatred and habit,
How can I focus on the future
if I’m stuck in the past tense,
They say you can speak things
into existence but, what about
the things that you imagine,
None tragic but those types of things
are meant to happen,
How tragic
Destined for failure once the tone of
flesh was blackened
Boxed inside the earth’s core in a
casket or caged in a 16 by 4 seems
to be the only pattern.