Poem from the <3 Heart by myself - Balance of Life

by Thomas Carlos Felder, Jr.

Poetry, Arlington County Detention Facility/Heard/OAR writing contest, August 2022


They see balance and they want to challenge or damage.

Thy heart <3 wants thy mind can’t percieve,

Bring in this state of pandemic a lot

of people run off envy and greed.

Our children look up to us

To balance their lives,

but from sitting in a 4×6 cell,

They can’t see how much we cry.

A true balance of life metaphoricly speaking

sometimes our heart <3 will die within.

We all miss our kin

Sometimes we have to tell our children,

beautiful lies to keep them happy inside.

Once is all it takes to upsetting thier normal lives,

That’s why it’s a must to have balance of life! 😊