I Love Me!

May 3, 2023, Friends of Guest House: Two authors wrote some powerful prose today about how they love themselves. Meaningful, knowing their journeys, and it shows us once again that sometimes less is more:

I Love Me, Part 1

 Starks Twyla

I’m a recovering addict

That in life had some bad habits

Now I love me some me

And I’m proud to let everyone see,

That I can be whoever I want to be

I Love Me, Part 2


Spoken Word: You Are!

February 15, 2023:

If pictures can truly melt hearts there will be puddles all across America with the photo on the right. It’s been awhile, pre-COVID actually, since we have worked with Senior Services of Alexandria They wanted something different, and we knew right away that C. Thomas and spoken word would be a breakout hit! We know the seniors would love it and they did. We didn’t know C. would love the impact he had on them so much. He said it was his all-time favorite Heard class – we never saw that coming, and we know he will be back!

Who Deserves Your Time?

When your prompt is “write a poem to someone who doesn’t deserve your time” hang on! Residents from our nonprofit partner Friends of Guest House don’t hold back at all as they tell a former john, their addiction, their mother, and others who have done them unspeakable wrong exactly what they think. And in our last video, our poet talks about the mask she wears to protect herself. None of these videos are over a minute long. Take a listen.

Congratulations to these brave women for baring their souls.

Thank you to our Heard spoken word teacher C. Alexandria-Bernard Thomas for bringing and wringing the unvarnished and unedited truth from our Heard clients.