Jumiya Arleen Crump

Heard/Arlington County Detention Facility writing contest, August 2019

OD, PTSD, bipolar, anxiety, and depression

that’s what they label me as.

In need of a hug and respect

is what I label me as.

Betrayal and defeat

body extremely weak.

Head pounding heart aching body shaking mind racing

in need of a fix

a high that make me feel like I can fly,

fly far away to the point of no return. Beat beat beat the sound slowly fades away

to the unknown faint cries and pleas asking why?

But my cries were never heard

so let the dearly beloved depart.

Every face has a mask and an unknown mission

that create or resolve an underlying issue

so no need to revive just let go slowly

but for some reason the heart won’t quit

and instead only keep living on slowly.

She loves me she loves me not.

He loves me or maybe not

oh why oh why must I continue to suffer

but constantly surviving my every day struggles.