“I’m lost. No one will find me. I’m scared and lonely.”

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The Lonely Giraffe – Second Place Fiction Alexandria Detention Center Writing Contest August 2019

The Lonely Giraffe
Brenden H.

Second place winner, Fiction, Heard/Alexandria Detention Center writing contest, August, 2019

Once upon a time there was a lonely giraffe named Phillip. He lived in a small rural zoo located in Colorado. His habitat was nice enough and he had all he needed but, he was lonely nonetheless.

Everyday, families from all over would come to the zoo and visit Phillip. He enjoyed the company of the people but, he envied them as well. He longed to be with his family, who at this point he could hardly remember. He was but a young calf when he was taken from his family at another zoo. Phillip knew his father – Liam the Giraffe – would come and rescue him. It was only a matter of time.

Liam had done it. He finally located his son at a small rural zoo in Colorado. It had taken him 5 days and a lot of detective work but he found his boy. That was one thing this small zoo didn’t know – the power of Love.

The papa giraffe set up a base camp outside of the zoo. He spent the next two days watching the workers and learning their schedules. He was almost ready to save his son.

Phillip was awaiting his salvation. A messenger bird from his father’s zoo had flown to Colorado and relayed the message of his incoming rescue. He was nervous but very excited. He prepared for his escape by doing a lot of squats.

Liam was ready. His plan was simple. Rescue his son by any means necessary. The adult giraffe dismantled his base camp and headed to the backside of the zoo. Phillip’s habitat was in the back and there were only two fences between him and his boy. It was after normal operating hours. Perfect time for the rescue.

The perimeter fence surrounding the zoo was no match for Liam’s powerful hooves. He trampled it flat and ran for his young one. Spotting Phillips exhibit, he crouched behind a small restroom building for humans. Peering over the roof, he saw his son. Seeing his youngster filled him with the strength he needed to rescue Phillip.

Liam executed his plan. Climbing atop the restrooms, he had a perfect angle into the habitat. He jumped landing in the exhibit with Phillip. They didn’t have long before zookeepers would come investigate. They hugged with the necks for a moment, then Liam motioned toward the exhibit fence.

“Davai, Davai!” yelled Liam. Davia means “come on” in Russian. They were Russian giraffes.

The two giraffes slammed into the fence and flattened it with ease. They were out of the zoo property in no time. They lived in the Colorado landscapes til the end of their days. Happily ever after.