Andy M.
Heard/Alexandria Detention Center writing contest, August, 2019

Its hard to see the light when nothing but darkness surrounds me,
Its hard to feel her love at the visits when it’s a glass in between,
Its hard to feel at all when pain has made you indifferent
Its hard to call people friends when everyone keeps switching.
Its hard to go home when all these people keep snitching.
Its hard to talk to my kids when my baby mother keep tripping
Its harder to say its my fault cuz I keep going to jail and going missing,
Im a deadbeat dad and it’s hard to admit it,
Its hard to see my mom at the visits and tell her I should have listened,
Its hard to see my future knowing that I have lost my vision
Its hard to keep a grip when my thoughts keep slipping
Its hard to go to sleep when my mind keeps racing
Its hard to lay down at night cuz I keep pacing
Its hard, lifes hard, I kept saying
Its hard, hard, hard, hard!
Its hard not to stress out!
When it feels like my life has caved