by H2 

Heard/Arlington County Detention Facility/OAR writing contest, August 2021

Everyday, as I open my eyes,

I ask,

Where is peace at?

A piece of me disappeared forever,

when I lost her way back.

They told me to trek my way

to this smorgasbord of fakery,

and maybe, maybe,

I can find her.


A whisper run through my mind,

asking how high I have to reach,

just to get a simple whiff of peace.

Desultory tries,

keep me going.

Just to be at ease,

without no one knowing.

Free me at last from the shackle of unknown,

and place me where a lotus steady flowing.

My enemies are gloating,

every time they see agonizing for a taste of peace.

My nieces are frowning,

Every time I don’t seize the peace lease.

I told them,

It’s only momentarily ya’ll can be at ease,

Before someone else pass ya’ll the peaceless disease.


please repartriate me back,

back to where I can get taste of idyllness.

And don’t you bring me back,

Without you tasting my wrathfulness.

And please,

be aware,

When you rob someones peace,

The consequences might no be what you please.