Bridge Building

Bridge Building

Josh M.

Second place winner, Non-fiction, Heard/Alexandria Detention Center writing contest, August 2019

In my life there has been many places I needed to so that required a bridge to get here. In life we use metaphors to describe situations we experience. I would like to describe building a bridge that spans a gap between my son and I a bridge that’s been damaged by the extreme weather of my life.

I was blessed with a creation from the heavens 13 years ago. From the first night I saw this creation I knew that I would build a foundation that nothing would crack. I had no idea I had no experience in building foundations, but my desire to bridge this gap gave me the confidence and drive to do what it takes and sacrifice whatever is necessary. Because of those few character traits I was able to provide an amazing foundation.

Foundation is only the first step in building a bridge. You have to understand how to cover several angels and how to get both sides to accept a rigid structure evenly. I would be on one side of this gap and my son on the other. We could see each other but we were so new to this we could only dream of a connection at this point. He and I tried new theories and 2 or 3 different formulas. We pampered every attempt and tested every failure with luv.  He was a lot more patient than I was, but we eventually made progress.

I can remember like it was yesterday, the first time he held me as tight as I embraced him. I knew on that day a bridge had been completed. A bridge is one of man’s greatest feats of design. I believe it speak volumes to its clout when loving someone is compared to building a bridge.

Sometimes outside forces can fracture a bridges integrity. When this happens, it becomes unsafe to travel this span of distance. Some bridges are irreparable. Some bridges need that one specific, extremely unique piece to put it back together. Sometimes people find it. Sometimes people don’t search for it. Sometimes people look their whole life just to find out the piece don’t exist.

I have a bridge with a piece missing. Fortunately, I know how to repair it. On September 25, 2019 I’ll be able to pick that piece up and set it back in place. Words can’t describe how valuable that piece is and how valuable that piece is and how long I’ve yearned to set it in place. On that date my son and I will no longer see each other from afar. Thanks to an engineering feet we call a bridge literally or figuratively.