What Word Guides You?

July 27, 2022 – “It honestly feels like Christmas when someone creates something new and I get to see it. I love this group!” And that super-positive statement didn’t even come from our Friends of Guest House clients who created their “Guiding Word” canvases – it came from our art teacher Alison McHugh!

They’re creating something never before seen in the history of the Universe. That’s powerful and I get to witness it,” Alison continued. “[It’s] awesome to be a small part of the journey for these women. I’m humbled and grateful….I definitely get more than I give when I work with this group. They filled me right to overflowing!!” Alison continued on a Facebook post.

Can we just tell you how happy it makes US to know our art team loves what they do so much? And what about our clients? Can you just feel the joy and power? What word guides YOU?

Take Me As I Am

By Alli Sawyers and Fran McD

Friends of Guest House, Spoken Word class, August 3, 2022

If “Take me as I am” was the first line of a poem and your challenge was to complete it, what would you say? Alli and Fran and our other Friends of Guest House clients left it all on the court! As always, they were honest and vulnerable and completely fearless in sharing what was on their souls. And they began reading their poems aloud to the rest of the class, unprompted by our Heard spoken word artist C. Thomas. “You WILL NOT tell me poetry doesn’t help to find your voice,” C. wrote on Facebook. So right you are, C.!
“Everything said during the class left a huge impact on my heart. I heard so many things today that we said so perfectly. I want this class more,” wrote one of our students in a class evaluation.
Yes, we promise more. Many more.