Bye-Bye Love Boat (P.C.P.)

by Charles R. Hall

Poetry, Arlington County Detention Facility/Heard/OAR writing contest, October 2023

Baby, without you I wasn’t nothing.  I couldn’t focus or think without you.  I love you when you was around me and you was unstoppable.

Baby, when I heard your nicknames; Love Boat, Sacks, goop, wet, I get so happy I smile.  I get very excited.  I know I need you just as much as you want me to need you.

Baby, you don’t know how you give me strength and make me feel like the Hulk.  When me and you fooling around, damn, we so tight.  Baby, you make me lunch out when you in my system.

Baby Damn!  As time goes along, I realized me and you shouldn’t be an item.  Or, if so, it’s time to dump you and let you go.

I outgrew us.  I no longer want to see you again or be a part of your madness so bye bye P.C.P.!