What Goes on at the County Jail

What Goes on at the County Jail

by Bullard

Third place winner, Fiction, Arlington County Detention Facility/Heard/OAR writing contest, August 2022


  1. Where the commissary is the bail

While the frail

Complain that the milk is spoiled

And the bread is way too stale

  1. Meanwhile,

Mail is also being pass-out like a

Hygiene kit

To all those

I suppose

That is willing to use it

  1. You see

Everybody knows that a shower

Can devour


Along with the help of some soap

It shouldn’t hurt

  1. And speaking of pain

What about the insane

Thought of having a smelly celly

The type that lies thru his teeth

Even on the tele

One of the reasons why….

  1. The phone ,ay be hard to use


Since there are those that want to


  1. From a candle lit

To a fuse

  1. From a word that curse

To a nice nurse

That’ll come to your aid

With a bottle of Gatorade

  1. From the county of Dade

All the way to the county jail

Where the “fresh flavor”

Is a savior

Similar to what spinach does for

Popeye the sailor

  1. From Brutus to Olive Oil

Some may feel as if they’re in

“Hot Water”

And no Im not talking about the kind

That boil

  1. Good grief!!
  1. From a deputy to a police chief
  1. From sweetgreen to sweetleaf
  1. With this Imma keep it brief

And say to all that red

  1. Thank-you


Have a nice day

  1. Even if the clouds in the sky are in

50 shades of a darker gray.