I Will

I Will

Ayla Landry, Friends of Guest House, May 22, 2020

Now i will build trust.

I will work hard on new horizons.

I will be bolder.

 I will be brighter.

Next i will enjoy more,

love more,

live more.

     -Ayla Laundry


Make of Me

Make of Me

 Aimee, Contessia, Tarkeshia, Chazcie, Ayla, Candace, Friends of Guest House, May 7, 2020

Make of my mind a fertile field

Where I cultivate beautiful ideas.

Make of my mind a calm sea

Where I can find me.

Make of my adventure

Where I go to explore.

Make of my life a beginning.

Make of my journey

So I can travel the right direction.

Make of my essence for

It is ready.


For Me?

FOR ME?          

Ayla Laundry, April 16, 2020, Friends of Guest House

I said to them it is a complicated excerpt ,

but is it my story?

A continued story with no precise end or beginning .

Is it for them?

Or is it for me?