King of All Kings

By Avis Parks 

Poetry, Heard/Alexandria Detention Center writing contest, August 2021


You say that you are a king,

that wants to just be able to enjoy your kingdom,

you say you want a special lady to become your wife to be your queen,

the queen of your kingdom

your queen that will have your children,

your princes and princess.

You want for them to be able to enjoy life in the canyon.

You want to be a king that sits on the mountain

as your able to wanten

as the water flows down the river.

Like a fountain as your queen is able to watch the flowers bloom

while the sweet scent of her perfume

blows across your nose

as the wind blows down in that directions

of where the children are playing.

The king & thy queen,

enjoying the view of your children as they are growing.

Is there anything else more so she your queen may ask you,

on such a wonderful, beautiful day

as the evening starts to fall and the sun starts to set.

Do you king she you queen ask believe

that thiers some people that poor

while you sit here complaining that you just want a little bit more.

What more is it you need when you’re the king.

Mr. King, did you even stop to realize that this was only your dream

and not your queen’s dream?

You dream, Mr. King, of making that your only made her your queen, Ms. Queen!!!

Apart of you team also to have her to redeem to her Ms. Queen


Just being able to become someone’s queen

Now you say your and king.

So stop to start.

In really be the king.

Just so she can be able to really wear her ring.

So what do you say?

Mr. King let us hear you’re the lion’s raws

We also want to hear yours

so what more say let us hear yours

Mr. King, you raws!!