The Un-United States

The Un-United States
J. C.
Third place winner, fiction, Heard/Alexandria Detention Center writing contest, August 2019

All human beings begin their lives with hopes and aspirations. Among these aspirations is the desire that there will be a straight path to those goals.

It is seldom so. Perhaps never. Sometimes the turns are of ones own volition, as ones thoughts and goals change overtime. But more often the turns are mandated by outside environmental problems or influences. It was so with D. Trump. The memory is vivid, unstructured by age. The five sheriff’s deputys rising from their chairs as he was escorted into the court room. The decision of his future has been made, and they are here to deliver it.

None of them are happy with the decision. He can read that on their faces. But they are officers and assembly of the courts, and they will carry out their orders. Protocol alone demands that. The word as he expected was life in prison. The order that was given was second chance. The United States has already been chosen. Other world leaders will assemble the equipment necessary to ensure that solitude does not quickly become death from predators or the elements. I am chosen to lead. Once again, the path of fair laws and honesty has turned in the direction of righteousness. Where it will lead, I cannot say, hopefully to the truth.
The United States is in chaos. As the history of honor and loyalty turn to crumbles, the fledgling new person of power seeks a swift end to the wordly conflict.

Many world leaders have fled their post, hopeful to escape the conflict of a falling empire. An entire generation has prospered during an era of peace. Now with no total control and no solution to global warming, peace on earth is far in our future. Meanwhile, the remnants of the United States now under the control of a very powerful, secret world leader, preparing to unleash a terrifying counterstrike against other super powers.

If successful, the new worldly order will begin population control, emissary will start. The wars that divided the world’s are fading in to legend. Yet conflict has begun to reshape our way of life on earth. The new elite human race will form, and gain full authority, over the earth, the most intelligence and strongest government heroes of the military.

Only the greatest heroes of the war are still honored by all. Now it’s the elite United with a new population of elite soldiers and people that has changed our way of life. Now with limitless technology full power over the globe is inevitable.

The End.