“10 Questions” with Brandi Yee, Chief Program Officer, ACT for Alexandria

Actually it was way more than 10 questions … our Z-TV Live “10 Questions” was closer to 20 questions, and I’m really hoping that Brandi will make me some yummy dessert now that I know what an amazing baker she is in her spare time! And I found out something we had in common with our “5 More Questions.” Find out about ACT for Alexandria, Brandi’s favorite Friday night treat, and our shared avoidance of math!

“10 Questions” with Jaqueline Tucker, City of Alexandria Race and Social Equity Officer

What a powerful interview with Jaqueline Tucker, the City of Alexandria’s Race and Social Equity officer. It was insightful and fun at the same time (loved playing “Two Truths and a Lie” with you)! Jaqueline, thank you for being the perfect guest, for your candor, and for sharing with us how we can each begin to dismantle systemic racism. Missed the show? Watch it now! Then take a few minutes to read “Five More Questions with Jaqueline Tucker” to learn even more about her, and how to dismantle systemic racism.

“10 Questions” with Marion Brunken, Executive Director, Volunteer Alexandria

Yes it’s true! The Zebra was so pleased with our Quarantales stories and our executive director’s guest appearance on their Facebook Z-TV LIVE! show last week that they’ve asked Jane to host a weekly show for them! And of course she said yes because she’s not going to pass up a chance to be on TV. So, welcome to “10 Questions” where Jane asks an Alexandria leader to answer 10 (or more) professional and personal questions. And why? Well, for two reasons. First, viewers get to know our community leaders beyond their job title. Second, we want to show viewers different ways they can get involved in making our wonderful Alexandria even better and stronger!

And don’t miss our follow-up “Five More Questions with Marion Brunken” too!

Our inaugural show aired on June 24, 2020. How did we do? And if you want to nominate an Alexandria community leader to be on our show, contact us!