Faith is Key (with artwork)

by AP22

Poetry, Arlington County Detention Facility/Heard/OAR writing contest, August 2022


Hand in hand,

Side by Side;

GOD is beginning to change the tide.

So just hold on,

don’t let go;

may GOD let it be so!


We have work to do,

And I onlhy want to;

Do it with you…

Let GOD in, your spirit

To HIM entrust;

And HE promises to

Lead us through:

The rest

Of this mess;

Into LOVE, Joy, peace


To do HIS work

And to live our BEST…


Im listening GOD,

You know ALL of my cares;

All of my Fears.

Even if I want to

keep them hidden;

but then it seems like I’m

put on the bench just


Out of the game of life,

until I acknowledge,

Theres nothing GOD don’t already know;

So why put on a show?

We need to be completely real;

with the MAKER of the universe,

So we can learn in life how to deal!

The tides are changing; a new

Life is coming out of all this rearranging

Our GOD just keeps in reassuring without

blame; with HIM our lives will never

be the same…

JESUS showed HIMSELF to me;

And let me know, FAITH IS THE KEY!

I’ll never forget that day;

Or all HIS HEART has to say!

I believe, in faith: TO LOVE GOD 1st;

HE keeps us safe,

We’ve already been through the worst…

And I can see, just up ahead, is our victory!