“It is a Phenomenal Program”

“…it is a phenomenal program.” Why, they’re talking about us! The best testament to the power and positive impact of our work is when our program partners praise us. It makes our day. Here, Friends of Guest House executive director Kari Galloway mentions Heard’s work as part of how they are keeping their residents safe and sane in a feature posted in the Alexandria Gazette Packet.  Thank you Kari! You are the best and we love working with you!

For Me?

FOR ME?          

Ayla Laundry, April 16, 2020, Friends of Guest House

I said to them it is a complicated excerpt ,

but is it my story?

A continued story with no precise end or beginning .

Is it for them?

Or is it for me?

At Bay..


Contessia Bosserman, April 16, 2020, Friends of Guest House

I speak to my pain,
how long can you keep the great sadness at bay?
Pain answers, until you can overcome it.
i whisper to my curiosity,
how have the waves not drug you under?
Curiosity simply answers hope.
Then i ask will there be a pocket of air underneath the pressure of the sea?
Light is above the water and you must reach for it.

We Will


Candace Leber, April 16, 2020, Friends of Guest House

And I said to her:  Will you see how wonderful you are?

And she said:         Will you show me?

And I Said to her:    Will you forgive yourself?

And she said:   Will I have suffered enough?

And I said to us:       Will we ever love ourselves?

And we said:  Will we help each other?

Finding Yourself

“And i said to her, ‘Why am I different?’ She said to me, ‘For you were made to stand out.'” Yes, Chazcie, yes!


Finding Yourself


By Chazcie Heflin, Friends of Guest House, April 16, 2020


Finding yourself


And I said to her


Who am i


And she said


You are who you think you are


And i said to her


Why am i different


She said to me


For you were made to stand out


And i said to her


Let go of me i want to be free


and she said you’ve been free,


you blocked yourself from yourself