Generation, Incarceration – Anticipation

by Horace Williams 

Poetry, Heard/Arlington County Detention Facility/OAR writing contest, August 2021

My first time of incarceration started in 1979

Back then it was such a different time

And considering where I am today

Should have been enough to make stay away

Please be advised that my age is 69

While a good conversation is so hard to find

Feel like I’m lost in a capsule of time

Young men pants below there waist trying to

Feel their shrine

7A was my first unit in proven ground

Cocaine & heroin still in my system please let

me go lay down

My C.R.U. She’Ro appeared and set me down

Man – this may direct me to my cap & gown

Work shops & group programs gave me a edge

Dome how some days I miss my Bed

Generation, Incarceration Anticipation

Whether its Jews, Spanish, African – Ethiopian

Young men chewing that fat – and I hear is

Nigga Dis & Nigga Dat

Now these young men seem to have created a bond

This is what the Rap Music Industry spit out

and called a song

I share in the groups hoping these young men will

feel my shame

Hopefully when group is over they will feel my


After 39 months here I’m finally walking down

this number

Shall I say say thank you God fore there were

days I wonder

Yall know I’m old enough to become a A.A.R.P


Hopefully I’m release in the month of December